40+ classes per week.
                                 Limited class sizes.
                                                              The best CrossFit experience.

With one of the most robust schedules of any CrossFit gym (or any other gym for that mater) with 40+ classes to get you in the best shape of your life there is no reason not to get committed. 

All our classes are capped to make sure you, the athlete, gets the best CrossFit experience.  Most classes are around 7-15 people, no regular class is ever more than 20 athletes.

Here you don't get fit, you get CrossFit 5150 fit.
 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
 5:30am 5:30am   5:30am  5:30am    no
 6:30am  6:30am  6:30am  6:30am    classes
 7:30am*  7:30am*  7:30am*  7:30am*    on
           8:00am  Sundays
 9:00am  9:00am  9:00am  9:00am  9:00am  9:00am  
 4:30pm  4:30pm  4:30pm  4:30pm  4:30pm    
 5:30pm  5:30pm  5:30pm  5:30pm  5:30pm    
 6:30pm  6:30pm  6:30pm  6:30pm  6:30pm    
 7:30pm  7:30pm  7:30pm  7:30pm      

*Note: The "*" indicates Open Gym time at CF5150.  Open gym is not a class time for the WOD but a time when the BOX is open and there is a trainer here to help you work on skills, your own workout, lifts or anything else to help your progress.  You do need to register for open gym like any other class.